Arcadia 2017

Syrinx and Harp

Arcadia 2017 is a French affair, but several strands will be explored beyond works familiar and less familiar by those giants of twentieth century music, Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel. Aside from Beethoven’s nod to friendship and short-sightedness in his humorous ‘Eyeglasses’ duo for viola and cello, two of the most original works in the Duo genre get a hearing: Ravel's late masterpiece for violin and cello, and one of the most attractive and beguiling of works by Camille Saint Saëns for violin and harp. And the harp is featured in a big way by the eminent and brilliant Hugh Webb who will unravel the secrets of this instrument in a special event - besides his involvement in each concert. Syrinx will breath his magic upon us with Debussy's eponymous and extraordinarily atmospheric short solo for flute at the start of each concert and we are lucky to have a star of the flute world in the Spanish virtuoso Diego Aceña Moreno to deliver. A work of Beethoven is featured in each concert and there is also Eleanor's joyous and life affirming first string quartet of 1994 plus a rare chance to hear a signature work by that unjustly neglected figure of French music Albert Roussel.

To guide us on this voyage of delights we are hugely privileged indeed to have a Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur no less.  Roger Nichols, author, broadcaster and world authority on French music will bring enlightemment, insight and amusement into this cornucopia.  Be sure not to miss the event at Aardvark on Saturday afternoon where he will bring his stated mission to us ‘to help French music to be heard, known and loved throughout the world’.

This Year's Arcadians:

Author and Lecturer: Roger Nichols
Harp: Hugh Webb
Composer: Eleanor Alberga
Flute: Diego Aceña Moreno
Clarinet: Sacha Rattle
Violins: Jacqueline Shave and Thomas Bowes
Viola: Andres Kaljuste
‘cello: Robert Irvine


Arcadia event 1

7:30 pm Thursday 5th October The Sun Inn Leintwardine SY7 0LP
Taster concert and a chance to be introduced to some of the music and players in this fun and free event.

Arcadia event 2

7:30 Friday 6th October St Mary Magdalene Leintwardine SY7 0LJ
Debussy: Syrinx for solo flute
Saint Saëns: Fantasie for vlolin and harp
Beethoven: Serenade op 25 for flute, violin and viola
Roussel:  Serenade for flute, harp, violin, viola and cello
Debussy: String Quartet op 10 

Arcadia event 3

3:00 pm [note change of time!] Saturday 7th October Aardvark Books Brampton Bryan SY7 0DH
A double-header event.

With illustrations from the full line up of Arcadians, Roger Nichols unwraps the music and personalities of the french music in this year's festival.  Then after tea and cake Hugh Webb lets us into the mysteries of the harp in a lecture demonstation.  Not ot be missed.

Arcadia event 4

7:30 pm Saturday 7th October St Michael and All Angels Kingsland
Debussy: Syrinx 
Debussy: Sonata for flute, viola and harp
Alberga: String Quartet no 1 (1993) 
Beethoven: ‘Harp’ quartet op 74
Ravel: Introduction and Allegro for flute, clarinet, harp and string quartet

Arcadia event 5

4:00 pm Sunday 8th October St Giles Downton on the Rock 
Debussy: Syrinx
Ravel: Duo for violin and cello
Beethoven: Duo for two eyeglasses, viola and cello 
Ravel: string quartet 
Debussy: Danse Sacreé et Danse Profane for harp and string quartet 

Links to BBC background notes on some of the composers:
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