Arcadia 2018 links relating to concerts

- BBC programme on the power of Amazing Grace
Thor talking about things spiritual
- Thor talking about Arcadia 2018
Tim talking about the Bach Cello Suites
Karen talking about the Bach Flute Partita

Eleanor talking about Oh Chaconne 
Tom talking about the Bach d minor Chaconne for violin solo 
BBC programme which explores the Goldberg Variations
- Eleanor's It's Time

Lingua Franca" (2015) Yorke Dance Project - Robert Cohan At 90
Choreography: Robert Cohan Music: Bach Chaconne in D Minor, transcribed for piano by F. Busoni, played by Eleanor Alberga Opening music composed and played by Eleanor Alberga 

Behind the scenes: Joanna MacGregor Radio programme about Joanna MacGregor

Ich Habe Genug. In this edition of Soul Music, oboist George Caird recalls playing Ich Habe Genug at his father's funeral. Theologian Paula Gooder recalls the effect of putting her new born baby into the arms of an elderly relative. Danish music therapist Lars Ole Bonde tells how this music provided vital solace for him as a teenager growing up with a father suffering from depression. American Susan Dray remembers how the Cantata helped her when she was grieving for her baby. And tenor Ian Bostridge wonders why we never feel that we have "enough".

Tom Bowes playing an extract from the Bach Chaconne: Binham Priory

Great Composers: Bach (BBC, 1997) - Part 1/7 

Bach: Man of Passion 

A passion for Bach. Featuring: Veronica Franklin Gould, Seckou Keita, Steven Isserlis, Marcus du Sautoy. 

The sound and the fury in concert: Ligeti’s ‘Chamber Concerto’ featuring cellist Tim Gill.