"The 2019 Arcadia Festival was studded with musical highlights. So many much-loved stalwarts of the repertory emerged fresh and unhackneyed, their revolutionary and timeless properties brought home to the listener."
"The event served as a potent reminder of the range and depth of Eleanor Alberga’s invariably engaging and directly communicative creative talent." 
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Classical Musical Quarterly review of 2015 Arcadia concert: pages 41 to 43 (from January to March edition, 2016)


"Brahms’s Sextet in G major ...was most sensitively drawn, luxuriantly melodious and often welcomingly gentle. If nothing else it demonstrated why some music should never be seized by the scruff of its neck..." See Birmingham Post 2013 for complete review.


"A hand-picked bunch of world-class instrumentalists assembled by artistic directors Thomas Bowes and Eleanor Alberga presented two chamber music programmes featuring string quartets, pieces for smaller groups, and two quintets for horn and strings..." See Birmingham Post 2012 for complete review.


"But the highlight of the festival was undoubtedly the sonorous, richly emotional and gorgeously coloured account led by Bowes of Schoenberg’s early tone-poem Verklärte Nacht, blooming and gripping in the Leintwardine acoustic..." See Birmingham Post 2011 for complete review.


"Schoenberg going down a storm in the Marches? You bet. And this was certainly my highlight of the year..." Chris Morley's review of the whole year: Birmingham Post